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Jerry Burns
11 months ago

Hi Matthew, The link to the video landed on a page that said it was unavailable. Can you please post NIH, PubMED or other legitimate sources that document your claim that Hepatitus A and MMR vaccines use fetal cells from aborted infants in their production? I am opposed to the MMR for other reasons including that it is banned in the UK due to association with increased incidence of autism.

tova kopperud
tova kopperud
11 months ago

No vaccine is ever “safe”. There can always be bad reactions. Side effects. You’re gambling with your newborn’s health when you shoot him full of BIG PHARMA’s stuff, while THEY make BIG MONEY from pushing this junk. The only vaccine I agree with is Bill Gates’ anti-fertility vaccine. We have to stop uneducated people from having 6 – 10 babies, when there is not enough food in the world. Has anybody heard of overpopulation?