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Bob Roller
Bob Roller
9 days ago

I have no desire for a 100 shot magazine and have no use for the AR15 or AK47 but can see no reason to tell someone they can’t have them.My hunting was done with a single shot Sharps built in 1877 and it worked for me.Beware of the man who has only one gun because he probably knows how to use it.I carry a concealed Model 1911 and being 85 it is a comforting thing and LEGAL.My idea of gun control is being able to hit what I shoot at with whatever I have with me and nothing more.

Rob Gibson
Rob Gibson
11 days ago

Biden needs to open his mouth a little more when he talks cause it sounds like all hes doing is mumbling. But thats what happens with age and dementia. Besides most people i know would rather NOT hear him mumble. Or speak. Because it seems everytime he tries to speak he forgets what he was gonna say anyway. Besides its usually bad news anyway. He needs a new script writer besides nosey pelosi. He needs a new puppeteer behind the scenes.